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September Meeting

Thursday, September 18,  7 p.m.


No meetings in July or August


TRS Annual Rose Show

"Oceans of Roses,

Waves of Color"


July 12, 2014

At Jackson Hall

Across from Tacoma General Hospital

Tacoma, WA


Rose Show Schedule

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Summer "Deadheading" at

Pt. Defiance Park Rose Garden

Hmm, sounds ominous - "Deadheading!" But really, it's not. Tacoma Rose Society members and guests help maintain the rose garden at the park, coming by once a week to remove the spent and fading rose blooms so the garden always looks its best, not only for visitors but also for the many weddings and celebrations in the rose garden.


You are invited to help!

Want to help keep the rose garden looking great? Bring your pruners, kneepad, bucket, (and raincoat when needed), and join us at the park about 4:00 p.m. each Thursday beginning June 26. We'll teach you proper rose pruning techniques and answer rose growing questions.

Join us for Pruning

at the Park


Every Thursday

June 26- September 11



4:00 to 6:00 p.m.

or until completed







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As you are looking at your roses and deciding which to enter in the Rose Show, keep in mind the very most basic guidelines for judges. The six prime elements of judging used in point scoring are:

Form: 25 points

Color: 20 points

Substance: 15 points

Stem & Foliage: 20 points

Balance & Proportion: 10 points

Size: 10 points

Total: 100 points

As you can see, the majority of the points are awarded to the bloom. Remember, though, that stem and foliage and overall display do count. Cut your roses with these points in mind. See you at the show July 12!





Meeting Location


Grace Lutheran Church

6202 S. Tyler Street


From I-5 South

 Take Exit 130 (S 56th St, University Place). Drive under the overpass. Turn right ( towardTacoma Mall Blvd) and continue west on S 56th St. Cross South Tacoma Way and the Railroad tracks. Turn Left at Tyler St (Moctezuma’s on corner).

  Go South on Tyler 0.3 mile and turn right (Church Entrance) to the parking lot.

From I-5 North

 Take Exit 130 (S 56th St., Tacoma Mall, University Place). Follow the sign for University Place. From the far left lane of the exit ramp, turn left and go 1/2 block, get in the Right lane and turn right onto S. 56th St. Continue west on S 56th St.

  Cross South Tacoma Way and the Railroad tracks. Turn Left at Tyler St (Moctezuma’s on corner). Go South on Tyler 0.3 mile and turn right (Church Entrance) to the parking lot.

From the Narrows Bridge

 From the bridge, turn right onto Jackson Ave. Go for about 3 miles (Jackson becomes Bridgeport Way at 19th St. ). Turn left on Cirque Dr. W (at the Walgreen’s). Continue on through the round-about. Cirque becomes S 56th at Orchard St.

  Continue East to Tyler St. Turn right at Tyler St (Moctezuma’s). Go South on Tyler 0.3 mile and turn right (Church Entrance) to the parking lot.





TRS Meetings



Regular Meetings - 2014


February 20

March 20

April 17

May 15

June 19

September 18

October 16




(Rose Auction)

TRS Meetings are at


6202 S. Tyler Street, Tacoma, Washington




by John Moe, Master Rosarian


Rose Spraying Safety

Q – I never spray on a windy day, but on other days when I do I always try to keep out of the drift. I do wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and gloves, but do I really need a respirator?

A – The last time I had a class on chemical safety, the number of rosarians that indicated that they do not use a respirator disturbed me. There is no such thing as a safe insecticide or fungicide, and the most important thing is not to get this stuff in your eyes, breathe it into your lungs or get it on your skin.

A lot of the new pesticides merely indicate do not get into eyes, and avoid breathing vapor or spray mist. Now how can you do this without a respirator? If you can smell what you are spraying, you are breathing in the chemical!

Most of us have a number of gray hairs, which indicates that we have been around for a while, and have breathed in a lot of different things. I am sure that our lungs are not like they were when we were 20, so why add to that when we know we can do something about it?

Some pesticide problems may not show up for many years, and in a way unexpected such that that "route" was never tested for. But bottom line, each rosarian will do what he or she wants, but for me – if I were not willing to wear protection, I wouldn’t spray!












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