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Tacoma Rose Society Meeting

...and silent auction

Great rosebushes and plants!

May 21, 2015


At 7:00 p.m. we will have two

simultaneous clinics:


Jo Martin will present an arrangement clinic in preparation for the upcoming TRS Rose Show, based on Class 1, "Merlin's Magic Wand." See this month's news letter for info on what to bring if you want to do some hands-on practice.


At the same time, Bruce Lind will have a “show & tell” about drip systems. This clinic will happen in the back parking lot, so be prepared in case of rain.


Our 7:30 presentation:

Dr. Gary Ritchie

“How Roses Perceive Their Environment”

Gary Ritchie, Master Rosarian from the Olympia Rose Society, received his PhD at the University of Washington where he majored in Woody Plant Physiology. Over the years he has become a well-established horticultural research scientist. He will present “How Roses Perceive Their Environment” at this month’s meeting.

Come and hear Gary as he makes the science behind rose growing understandable. Gary has a real gift for making complex gardening information understandable for the rest of us. This is definitely a program that everyone should attend!


Silent Auction

There will also be a silent auction of plants. John Moe and the Linds will bring some cuttings of roses they have started in their greenhouses. Some of these will be roses that are not easy to find. Many of them are miniatures/minifloras.

If you have healthy plants you would like to donate, please bring them. We are looking forward to seeing you at the meeting.










TRS News


The Tacoma Rose Society Annual Rose Show

The Magic of Roses


June 27, 2015

 Jackson Hall

314 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way

Tacoma, WA


Rose Show Schedule now available!!!

Full Schedule







to Our Meeting Location at

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

From Northbound or Southbound I-5 take the Highway 16W Exit (132). Continue Westbound to Union Ave Exit (1B) and travel Northbound (right) on Union Ave. There is a stoplight at the intersection of Union Ave and S 19th St.

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church is about 1 block east. Turn right on S 19th and then left into the parking lot. The parking lot can also be accessed via Union Ave & S 18th St.

(This location is two blocks directly South of Life Manor, our meeting place for more than 10 years, and directly across 19th Street from the Allenmore Hospital parking lot.)

As you can see from the photos of Gloria Dei Church, the back parking lot and the meeting room are on the same level - no steps to negotiate with all the roses you are adding to your garden.



Gloria Dei Lutheran Church


Parking on the other side of the building (back side). The door to the kitchen is right in front of the car in the photo. Matt says to use the door at the far end of the parking lot.


Front entrance parking lot.

The entrance is in front of the two cars on the right.




At Gloria Dei Lutheran Church

7:00 p.m.



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Deadheading at Pt. Defiance Rose Garden begins:

June 25

TRS Rose Show: June 27




by John Moe, Master Rosarian

Q – I did enjoy the program on the link between soil and fertilizer, and what can happen when everything does not go as planned. You said that the leaves often give a clue as to those deficiencies, and did give us a couple of websites where we could see photos of nutrient deficiencies, but I didn’t have time to write them down. Could you list them here?

A– Sure – it isn’t always easy to write down a website when you hear it, but these are two of the best that I have found to show the deficiencies. Take a look at these and bookmark them so you can get back to them when you need to.


Q – Before you started your program on fertilizer, you had a slide on downy mildew and took a few minutes to talk about it. I have heard that some of our members have had this in their gardens. Is it as serious as you said, and if so, if I find it in my garden, what can I do?

A – Yes, it is one of the most serious of rose diseases. And yes, some of our members have said that they have it, and are in the treatment process. So, if you had added any new roses to your garden this spring, regardless of where you purchased them, take special care to watch them for the early signs. Favorable conditions for downy are humidity over 85% and temperatures under 80°. There is a lot of it in CA, so roses that came up to the nurseries here in WA are susceptible! It is always the best policy that, whenever you bring in a new rose, regardless of where you got it, you let it sit away from your other roses for a several days to see if it is OK. Sort of having your own quarantine area.

The symptoms of downy mildew begin as purplish-red  irregular spots primarily on new growth. When a spot comes to a leaf vein, it follows it, but when a spot of blackspot comes to a leaf vein, it crosses it. What you are looking for in your new additions, and in your garden is what you see in this first photo, from Nicole Ward Gauthier, University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service.

As it progresses, you will see that purple to red or brown irregular blotches that form have tended to follow the leaf veins, as you see here, in this photo courtesy of Gail Trimble. This is often when we first realize what we have, as too often it is confused with blackspot. The leaves will yellow and rapid defoliation will start from the top of the bush. Left untreated downy mildew can destroy your entire rose garden.

Some fungicides that have shown to control include; Aliette, Heritage, Compass, Subdue MAXX, and Daconil Weather Stik, using repeated applications












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